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Hire a mini-coach

Mini-coach hire

If you are looking for coach transport for a group of up to 35 people, a mini-coach or midibus is the right choice. Because this type of coach is a little smaller than the average coach, your medium-sized group will be able to chat together in comfort; before you know it you will have arrived safely at your chosen destination. Midibuses have the same facilities as the average coach but not all of them have a toilet on board. This means that a standard coach might be preferable for longer journeys.

Why use Queens Coaches

With us, booking the right mode of transport won’t be a time-consuming task. Simply enter your travel details on the site and we will submit your query to our operations team. They will analyse your details and within one working day we will forward you a no-obligation quote from the best priced option, saving you up to 40%. Top service is our priority, so we also allocate you a personal travel advisor who is always available for support and advice. And let’s not forget passenger safety; we only provide high quality vehicles.


Mostly used for school trips, tours or professional outings. Basically a smaller version of the standard coach but due to smaller size is more flexible in where it can go. Often will come with a TV, fridge, reclinable seats and so forth.

Queens Coaches Mini Coach

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